Firm overview

MISSION - To provide world-class financial solutions and advisory services for the corporate market in Brazil. We make great strides to provide our clients with superior returns reflected by our advisory solutions and investment strategies, and an in-depth understanding of world capital markets.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Koliver is an independent firm that specializes in interrelated business areas that can provide our clients with superior financial solutions: Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Financial Advisory, and Asset Management

BUSINESS VISION - We share a global business vision with our clients of an on-going search for higher Returns on Invested Capital, superior strategic acquisitions and divestitures, and optimized capital allocation. We are committed to building lasting relationships based upon trust, honesty and an ethical approach to doing business. Our focus is on delivering strategic advice to allow our global clients to reach their strategic objectives by executing by acquisitions in Brazil with professionalism, endurance, and diligence.


We at Koliver are proud to be one of the few highly specialized US merchant banking firms focusing on the M&A market in Brazil. The firm provides our clients with state-of-the-art financial solutions, featured by technical excellence, according to US standards. We frame our work by having an in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian business environment and the regulatory framework as well as relevant experience in the international markets in capital raising and cross-border advisory mandates. We are ready to help our global clients to devise the most effective strategy for maximizing shareholder value.

Our officers offer over 25 years of experience and have the expertise of having advised large Brazilian clients, working on Wall Street for years, with decades of corporate analysis in investment projects, restructurings, and M&A work. We cover all bases.

So why should we work together? We offer premier service in understanding closely-held, family-owned companies and have key relationships in Brazil we have a great deal of experience in the local market.

We understand trade practices, legal framework, local accounting standards, off-balance sheet exposure, and most importantly the culture of the country and clients.

We care for our clients in the old-fashioned way, treating each project as a personal issue inasmuch as the firm’s name carries our own reputation.
We are price competitive, for our low overhead and a success-based commission structure we assigned to executing each deal.


Our business is about people and ideas. In order to solve the most sophisticated financial problems we need the best people available in the marketplace.

Our goal is to maximize our client’s financial returns. Often, to achieve that goal, we rely not just on our team, but also join forces with other people and companies in correlated areas of expertise. Koliver is open to discuss any joint efforts on structured projects, partnerships, and new product lines where our companies can add value to our clients.